Prints and Reports

Track important information with graphic dashboards and quick, flexible reports to show information for any date range grouped by a variety of details.

Sales Dashboard

Use the slick, graphic Graze dashboard to get a quick overview of sales volume and growth throughout the month.

Establish custom filters to track sales revenue based on order type (pickup or delivery) or custom order status.

Flexible Reports
with Customizable Parameters

Generate dynamic, flexible reports to track order details and even contact people by a variety of different criteria.

Evaluate revenue, ordered menu items, contact people, tasks and more for any date range and group results a variety of important details.

Front of House and
Back of House Prints

Quickly generate customer-facing prints such as receipts, invoices and more and save on file or instantly email to your guests.

Share detailed back-of-house prints with your staff – including order tickets or menu item lists grouped by such details as prep area or responsible staff.