Caterease x Graze

Open your custom online ordering storefront quickly, easily and FOR FREE with Graze Online Ordering – from the makers of Caterease Software.

Caterease Menu Integration

Instantly synchronize any menu items between your Caterease program and Graze Online Ordering – including information such as item description, price, minimum quantity and even detailed lists of modifiers.

Customizable Online Order Page

Customize your Graze Online Ordering page by organizing online menus into any custom categories or sub-categories; choosing custom logos, fonts and colors; establishing flexible online ordering rules and schedules and more.

Seamless Transfer to Caterease

Review all order details in the handy Caterease Online Orders Manager and instantly process as events or quick orders – including all details such as date, time, menu and modifier selections, order payments and more!


Get Graze Online Ordering free of charge if you are a Caterease user with an active HPay Payment Processing account.  Call the number below to get started today!