Frequently Asked Questions

No, your customers can use Graze to submit as many orders as they’d like.

Graze allows you to set rules such as: days and times you accept online orders; minimum amounts for orders; areas to which you will delivery and applicable fees; holidays or days when you will not accept online orders; and more.

Yes, either type of order can be submitted.  For deliveries, you can setup custom delivery zones with applicable fees based on distance, postal code or travel time.

Graze takes the longest prep time of all items associated with the order, adds any buffer times you have requested for general order processing and – in the case of deliveries – adds travel time to the destination as calculated through Google maps.

Graze uses Horizon Cloud’s very own HPay Payment Processing, backed by Chase Bank, to process payments for all orders. 

You are able to choose your own custom logo, select fonts and choose the color scheme of the online ordering page.  You are also able to completely customize your online menus – even choosing items to highlight as featured items or deals of the day.

Yes! Determine delivery zones with custom charges based on distance, zip code or even travel time – and the most expensive associated charge will automatically apply.

Of course! In addition to establishing a custom daily schedule for online orders, you can also pause and reactivate online ordering at will.

Our custom “throttling” feature allows you to add extra time for orders during high volume times and even deny orders if a certain number has already been received.

Yes! You can create discounts for a certain percentage off various revenue types (“food”, “beverage”, etc.) or even whole-dollar discounts.

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