Order Rules

Establish rules for your custom online ordering portal – setting schedules, determining minimum order amounts, creating custom delivery zones and more.

Holidays and Open Hours

Establish any number of holidays for online ordering during which your business will not accept online orders for a 24-hour period.  Likewise, create your own online ordering hours for any day or group of days throughout the week.

A custom message will appear when any customer tried to submit an order when online ordering is closed – due to holiday or simply after regular hours.

Order Minimum Value

Get the absolute most out of your online ordering business by establishing a minimum value for any online order.

If the revenue of an order falls below this minimum value, the customer will be prompted with a custom message and not allowed to submit the order.

Order Throttling

Create custom rules to add extra time or pause online ordering completely if a certain number of active orders is reached at one time.

Separate throttling limits can be set for different days or times of day, and a custom message will inform your customer if order limits are exceeded.

Custom Delivery Zones

Build custom delivery zones based on distance, postal code and even travel time – and apply automatic delivery charges to each zone.

If any delivery address matches multiple zone rules, the most expensive delivery charge will automatically apply!