Customer Facing Tools

Create a beautiful storefront for your customers to submit orders and review their order history.

Custom Online
Ordering Portal

The slick, user-friendly Graze online ordering portal can be customized by you to match your branding and style.

Choose any colors, upload any logo, select any font and arrange your custom menu items into any categories for easy selection.

Pickup or Delivery

Accept pickup or delivery orders and choose which should be the default (or have the default be a customer preference!).

Pickup and delivery times are automatically calculated based on a calculation of prep times for selected items, optional driving time, ordering hours and even a custom buffer time.

ASAP or Prescheduled

Orders submitted via Graze can be scheduled for pickup or delivery ASAP (if allowed) or the customer can choose a prescheduled date and time.

If scheduled ASAP, you can establish days and times that orders are accepted and determine prep times for your various menu items.  Prescheduled orders honor the same guidelines while allowing the customer to choose a specific date and time for the order.

Customer Profile with Order History

Customers can establish usernames and passwords so that their personal information – name, address, phone number, email – is known to the system automatically.

Known users can also review their order history to see all items previously ordered from your company.