Payment Processing

Use our powerful HPay Payment Processing technology to accept immediate payment for online orders or optionally defer payment till pickup/delivery.

Pay Now or Pay Later

Have your customers submit immediate payment upon placing an online order or optionally allow they to “pay later” when they pick up or receive the order.

Either option provides the opportunity to include a tip, and payment is processed immediately through the system.

HPay Merchant Services

Graze uses our powerful HPay Payment Processing service, backed by Chase Bank, to process all card payments.

Seamlessly integrated throughout the program, HPay allows customers to submit payment at time of order and allows your team to process additional payments whenever necessary.

Coupon Codes and Discounts

Create custom coupon codes to automatically apply any discounts to online orders – based on a certain percentage off of any revenue type (food, beverage, etc.) a specific dollar amount.

Coupons will automatically expire at your designated expiration date, or can be rendered inactive at any time.

Backed by Chase Bank

All payment processing through Graze Online Ordering utilizes HPay Payment Processing, a product of Horizon Cloud.

HPay is backed by the security and reliability of Chase Bank – one of the nation’s oldest and most venerable banking institutions.